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“Eugene Justus designed and built a beautiful western red cedar trestle table for our downtown Napa tasting room.  We enjoyed working with Eugene to select the design of the table and the color of the wood to fit our tasting room decor.  We needed a community table for large groups of people to sit at and enjoy our wines.  He was able to make the table the exact size we needed, which necessitated assembling it inside the tasting room.  Eugene does top quality, custom work in his meticulous workshop.  We highly recommend him.” ~Dr. & Mrs. Krupp, Krupp Brothers Winery

Beauty-of-woodThe Napa Valley Register published an excellent article regarding the major changes being made by wineries to enhance their visitors experience with more beautifully furnished tasting rooms, private member rooms and conference rooms with new custom-made furnishings. What is one way a space can be transformed? With the addition of a live edge walnut table or any other premium custom wooden furniture. Simple.

Eugene Justus of The Old Silverado trail focuses on making custom made live edge hardwood tables and other furnishings for the wine industry and distinguished homes. The hand-crafted tables from California claro walnut and other beautiful hardwoods. They are designed for those who appreciate custom made quality. Eugene’s goal is to provide beautiful tables and other furnishings that enrich a business or living environment.

A Live Edge Walnut Table or other fine woods can elevate your business.

“For many wineries, survival hinges on the visitor experience. As winery owners and executives work to cultivate the future of the Napa Valley wine industry, growth for many is focused around one key component: guests. Today, business models increasingly hinge on the allure of a memorable visit, and wineries are seeking ways to set themselves apart from hundreds of competitors.” That is equally true for Fredericksburg and other wine growing regions in Texas.

“Direct sales today represent as much as 60% of the average winery’s revenue. John Williams, owner and founder of Frog’s Leap winery in Rutherford, described what he sees as an escalation of Napa wineries focus on how they might draw in more visitors to counter the effects of a shrunken number of large wine distributors and the large increase in new wineries. The boost in visitors at Frog’s Leap began in 2007. The Fellowship of the Frog wine club was a success … ” It resulted in increased visitors and sales.”

Tasting-Room“What is different about wine clubs now is looking at is not three shipments a year of four bottles, but the total experience, said James Caudill, director of marketing communications for Treasury Wine Estates, the Australian company that owns Etude, Beringer, Beaulieu Vineyard, Stags’ Leap Winery and a number of other Napa Valley Wineries.”

“Opus One winery in Oakville received the county’s green light for construction of a 50,000-square foot addition to the rear of the winery. The iconic Robert Mondavi and Baron Philippe de Rothschild conception is slated for a new barrel storage space and administrative offices as well a new tasting room. “The new, larger space will in fact allow for more intimate one-on-one seated tastings, in contrast to a tasting bar, explained Christopher Barefoot, Vice President of Communications and Guest Relations.

Allow Eugene to create a live edge walnut table to elevate your space. Or perhaps maple? Or even the rare Bubinga while supplies last.

Want to set your winery apart?

Eugene Justus would be pleased to work with you to make the custom live edge hardwood tables or other furnishings for your winery or distinguished home. Please feel free to call him at his studio at (707) 227-6286 or click below to discuss an existing project or a new opportunity. He would be very pleased to meet with you.