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Photo courtesy of Suyama Peterson Deguchi

Above table is design copyrighted by Suyama Peterson Deguchi Architects.  Photo also credited.

Our modern world offers a wide variety of substitutes for wood furnishings. However, wood is the only material that transcends utility and transforms a product from merely functional to beautiful.

Some people have great taste, seemingly without even trying. Their homes provide a sense of comfort and peace in a busy world.  Just being in their homes renews their or your spirit.

Wood is known for its timeless visual appeal, but there is nothing static about the ways people are showcasing it. Homeowners are discovering new uses for the warmth and beauty of wood throughout their homes.  Several examples of that are highlighted in the enclosed photos of kitchens using California claro walnut for counter-tops and built-in tables.

Designers are drawn to wood  because of its natural beauty and design versatility.  The addition of a warm, familiar material to a room enhances an otherwise modern space.  Just imagine sitting around a live edge dining table for dinner with the ones you love. Wood adds the perfect connection with the beauty of nature in a traditional or contemporary home.

Elevate your home with a Live Edge Dining Table, Coffee Table, and more.

“Every species of wood has a natural color and grain pattern.  Some are lighter and create a sophisticated open and airy sense in a room”,  Ronique Gibson, architect says. “The natural color of different woods sets the tone for the room For example, woods with a darker tone give an appearance of formality. They are exceptional for evoking classic masculinity or high glamour.” The light and  lineal pattern of Douglas fir also words well with a contemporary interior due to its clean lines and greater symmetry.

Eugene Justus can work with you to create your own custom made live edge dining table, coffee table, or other home furnishings.  His hand crafted tables are made from California of claro walnut and other beautiful hardwoods.  They are designed for those who appreciate custom made quality.   Eugene’s  goal is to provide you with beautiful tables and other furnishings that enrich your living environment.

“The question of what you want to own is actually the question of how you want to live your life.”
Marie Kondo

“Your home should tell the story of who you are and be a collection of what you love.”
Nate Berkus

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