Turquoise Table: A Twist on a Live Edge Walnut Table

This beautiful piece of live-edge of Claro Walnut comes with a few twists.  While Eugene was on a trip to the southwest of the US, he was inspired by the turquoise used throughout the region.  Presenting his idea to crush and embed the turquoise into the natural crack, the clients responded with a huge, “Yes!”.  The purpose to the fill is to solidify the crack and enhance the integrity – but why not make it beautiful and interesting at the same time. This live edge walnut table was a success with its new owners.

Lastly, this wonderful piece comes with some mysterious history.  One of the last slides shows a little metal circle.  That is a bullet!  If trees could talk…

Eugene is happy to bring a live edge walnut table to life and to customize it to the client’s style. 

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