Las Alcobas Resort Outdoor Tables

The luxurious Las Alcobas resort in St. Helena, California selected Eugene to make a number of new tables, and refinish others, to enhance the outdoor dining areas of the property. The staff and customers have reported their very positive impression with the results.

The tables were treated with an outdoor stain covered with the world’s finest spar varnish, used on wooden sailboats in Europe and the U.S., to protect them form the sun’s damaging UV rays as well as water and other stains.



Eugene would welcome the opportunity to use that expertise to create custom made tables and other furnishings for your winery tasting rooms or indoor or outdoor dining areas of your restaurants or home in Horseshoe Bay and the beautiful Texas Hill Country

Please feel free to contact Eugene Justus at (707) 287-6220, or at, to arrange an appointment to discuss your requirements.

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