The very best interior designers meet and exceed their clients’ wishes by providing the finest and most beautiful furnishings, such as a live edge walnut table or custom finished cabinetry for homes and business environments.

A recent example is Patti L. Cowger, an, award-winning interior designer and owner of PLC Interiors in Napa, California.

Patti’s secret of success includes staying within a reasonable but tight time frame and good project management: “I’m fortunate to have relationships with dependable and talented tradesmen, workrooms and showrooms that support me in delivering quality results to my clients. Those relationships not only give me confidence in the product but also keep the project moving in a timely manner. This in turn, also keeps financial and emotional stress at bay.”

Recently, a client planning a major refurbishment of his recently purchased home needed a custom furnishing that would stand out. The product: an eight foot custom cabinet made from California Claro walnut with a live edge top. Such a unique solid walnut cabinet is impossible to find at a retail furnishing company and so Patti turned to the custom woodworkers of Napa.

Patti contacted Eugene Justus of The Old Silverado Trail who specializes in live edge walnut table and other furnishings. Eugene would need to work together with a great cabinet maker to complete this project. He therefore recommended Dominic Beltrami of Legacy Woodworks, LLC in Napa as the best cabinet maker for the project.

Eugene and Dominic met with the client and discussed their preferences for design and finish. Both provided the client with proposals and, once approved, the work began.

Dominic provided options for the cabinet and Eugene will then finish the cabinet and top. The client will inspect the finished bottom side of the live edge top before Eugene finishes the top side. This way, the client will have a chance to approve of the color before the project continues. This personalization allows the client to have control over the outcome and work side by side with Eugene.

Tasting-RoomInterior designers with attention to detail can appreciate the craftmanship of a live edge walnut table or other solid wood slab furnishing. All of them share a goal of providing beautiful tables, cabinetry and other pieces that enrich their clients’ business or living environments. Creating a functional and timeless live edge walnut table is Eugene’s passion and his creativity and determination overlap into all furnishings.

To receive this level of personalized attention for your next design or construction project please feel free to contact Patti Cowger at, Eugene Justus of The Old Silverado Trail at or 7072538788, and Dominic Beltrami at

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And stay tuned for Part 2 which will Detail the Construction and Delivery of the Finished Cabinet.