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Whether reaching for new heights of elegance or adding a distinctive and natural aura to a room, check out Eugene Justus’ natural, custom-made live edge dining tables and wood furnishings at the new Old Silverado Trail Website. Browse the extensive portfolio of stunning works, converting natural wood from rough-cut shapes and textures into finely crafted live edge dining tables and more.

Old Silverado Trail’s new website presents an array of beautifully photographed wood creations and tells how Eugene learned woodworking as a young boy. Later he began crafting live edge dining tables with hand tools to create spectacular, one-of-a-kind creations.

Old Silverado Trail’s elegant live edge dining tables, coffee tables, and other pieces are found in homes and businesses everywhere. Winery tasting rooms and business conference rooms have become destinations for live edge dining tables and other original pieces.

The Portfolio: From Start to Finish

The new Old Silverado Trail website features a few examples of Eugene’s recent work. By clicking on the photos, you may see the transformation of raw wood into stunning, highly functional live edge dining tables and other furniture.

Much as a famous sculptor emancipates a beautiful sculpture from a solid block of marble, Eugene releases a stunning live edge table from centuries-old natural wood.

Check Out the Live Edge Dining Table

For luxury and natural style, a live edge dining table from Old Silverado Trail creates a spectacular focal point for any dining area. The highlighted grain and contours of walnut or rare African Bubinga blends beautifully in a forested or mountainous outdoor setting. Alternatively, for city dwellers, a live edge dining table recalls memorable vacations spent in the Great Outdoors.

Not only for custom-built live edge dining tables, but coffee tables, end tables, desktops, and countertops will also boast the raw, natural edges and deep, vibrant tones that exude that genuinely natural feeling.

Many Varieties of Beautiful Wood to Choose

Eugene Justus of Old Silverado Trail sculpts and finishes beautiful live edge dining tables, coffee tables, chairs, and other pieces of furniture from a variety of wood sources. With an experienced eye for the potential of each piece, Eugene works with California claro walnut, rare Bubinga and other beautiful hardwoods that reflect Nature’s exciting natural grains and shapes.

Imagining Your Raw Edge Dining Table

To proceed with your personal, one-of-a-kind, handcrafted live edge table, contact Old Silverado Trail. The first step toward realizing the dream of a live edge dining table, coffee table, or commercial table, will be to meet to discuss your vision, current décor, size, and other preferences. From this information, Eugene Justus will suggest ideas including the wood varieties, natural shapes, and finish options.

Collaboration is the key. Eugene encourages you to accompany him to select the ideal wood slab for your live edge dining table or other furniture. You will be invited to visit the studio to monitor the progress and watch the end product unfold.

Start the journey to a beautiful live edge table by phoning (707)-253-8788. Or, fill out the contact form.