Everyone enjoys getting exactly what they want. Whether that is the best hotels during their travels, the best restaurants, or the best furnishings for their homes. A home represents one of the largest investments in a person’s life, both emotionally and financially. The comfort they receive from the interior design enriches their sense of psychological well-being.

Residential-Coffee-Table-live-edge-tableIn the Napa Valley, and greater San Francisco area, you can find many people who have worked hard to achieve success and followed their dreams. These same people want to create a home environment that represents their life and style. Choosing the finest furnishings designed by leading architects and interior designers has an effect of elevating the home’s environment, create a peaceful mindset, and achieving satisfaction in daily life. That is why you’ll often notice  the mindset of “let’s do it my way” when it comes to home design. And at Old Silverado Trail, Eugene agrees: let’s do it my way and create custom made furniture that will elevate your home design and represent your lifestyle.

Eugene Justus of The Old Silverado Trail, in Napa, California, focuses on making custom made hardwood tables and other furnishings. These live edge coffee tables, dining tables, and more are hand-crafted in Napa Valley from California Claro walnut and other beautiful hardwoods.

Each live edge coffee table becomes a focal point in a room. Guests will appreciate the custom work and the piece of wood which tells a unique story. Owning a live edge walnut coffee table creates a high-end design that is constantly sought after by interior designers. After all, what better way to elevate a space than with a locally-made one-of-a-kind live edge walnut coffee table?

The Old Silverado Trail Can Create Your Dream Custom Furnishing

The timeless beauty of wood has an incredible effect on the home. It’s warmth can match modern, traditional, and eclectic styles. As the design process begins, Eugene helps the client choose the type of wood. For live edge coffee tables the options are vast. Many choose a live edge walnut coffee table but cherry wood, bubinga, and koa are just a few other options. Once the preferred wood is chosen, the live edge coffee table starts to come to life. Together, the client and Eugene work toward a vision and eventually bring the live edge walnut coffee table or other furnishing to its final steps of completion.

Browse The Old Silverado portfolio for examples of live edge walnut coffee tables, dining tables, and more. Check out how to start a design, and contact Eugene for more information.

Eugene wants to make your design dreams come true. For a live edge coffee table and other pieces, call Eugene at (707) 253-8788, to discuss how he can “do it your way” and build you a one-of-a-kind custom made furnishing.