The Old Silverado Trail Moves to Texas

Eugene Justus has many fond memories of his wonderful friends and customers in Napa Valley during the 7 years that his business, The Old Silverado Trail, was active there. There is such a wide variety of talented and fascinating people in the area.

In August , 2021, Eugene moved his woodworking business to Horseshoe Bay, Texas. Here is why he chose Texas:

Texas has led the nation in job creation over the last 11 years and population growth over the past 14 years. It offers a business friendly climate that ranks it as the best state for business. It is the home of 51 companies on Forbes 500 list, and is the 9th largest company in the world.

Eugene decided to move to the Austin area because it is the number 1 U.S. city for job creation. Horseshoe Bay is located in the beautiful Hill Country, an hour drive west of Austin and North of San Antonio. It is resort living at its best, with numerous golf courses, a 5 star resort on Lake LBJ, marinas on the lake and Colorado River, and an airport for corporate and private jets.

Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, describes the Austin area as a “booming economy, the best in the nation” and has announced plans to open a new auto manufacturing plant for electric cars. That will create over 5,000 new jobs in Austin, and another 5,000 jobs in the next 5 years for his new renewable energy company and his rocket manufacturing company.

The new homebuilding needs of that business growth has created a demand for custom made tables and other furnishings for business and home interiors. Eugene will focus on that market niche.

Part 1: Planning – Custom Furniture and the Designer/Client Relationship

Part 1: Planning – Custom Furniture and the Designer/Client Relationship

The very best interior designers meet and exceed their clients’ wishes by providing the finest and most beautiful furnishings, such as a live edge walnut table or custom finished cabinetry for homes and business environments.

A recent example is Patti L. Cowger, an, award-winning interior designer and owner of PLC Interiors in Napa, California.

Patti’s secret of success includes staying within a reasonable but tight time frame and good project management: “I’m fortunate to have relationships with dependable and talented tradesmen, workrooms and showrooms that support me in delivering quality results to my clients. Those relationships not only give me confidence in the product but also keep the project moving in a timely manner. This in turn, also keeps financial and emotional stress at bay.”

Recently, a client planning a major refurbishment of his recently purchased home needed a custom furnishing that would stand out. The product: an eight foot custom cabinet made from California Claro walnut with a live edge top. Such a unique solid walnut cabinet is impossible to find at a retail furnishing company and so Patti turned to the custom woodworkers of Napa.

Patti contacted Eugene Justus of The Old Silverado Trail who specializes in live edge walnut table and other furnishings. Eugene would need to work together with a great cabinet maker to complete this project. He therefore recommended Dominic Beltrami of Legacy Woodworks, LLC in Napa as the best cabinet maker for the project.

Eugene and Dominic met with the client and discussed their preferences for design and finish. Both provided the client with proposals and, once approved, the work began.

Dominic provided options for the cabinet and Eugene will then finish the cabinet and top. The client will inspect the finished bottom side of the live edge top before Eugene finishes the top side. This way, the client will have a chance to approve of the color before the project continues. This personalization allows the client to have control over the outcome and work side by side with Eugene.

Tasting-RoomInterior designers with attention to detail can appreciate the craftmanship of a live edge walnut table or other solid wood slab furnishing. All of them share a goal of providing beautiful tables, cabinetry and other pieces that enrich their clients’ business or living environments. Creating a functional and timeless live edge walnut table is Eugene’s passion and his creativity and determination overlap into all furnishings.

To receive this level of personalized attention for your next design or construction project please feel free to contact Patti Cowger at, Eugene Justus of The Old Silverado Trail at or 7072538788, and Dominic Beltrami at

Take a moment to browse through the incredible each live edge walnut table including coffee tables, dining tables, and more by Eugene Justus. View his live edge walnut table for wineries and residences. Learn more about the creative process when it comes to building a live edge walnut table and discover other wood types.

And stay tuned for Part 2 which will Detail the Construction and Delivery of the Finished Cabinet.

Let’s Do it My Way: The Joy of Custom Made Furniture

Let’s Do it My Way: The Joy of Custom Made Furniture

Everyone enjoys getting exactly what they want. Whether that is the best hotels during their travels, the best restaurants, or the best furnishings for their homes. A home represents one of the largest investments in a person’s life, both emotionally and financially. The comfort they receive from the interior design enriches their sense of psychological well-being.

Residential-Coffee-Table-live-edge-tableIn the Napa Valley, and greater San Francisco area, you can find many people who have worked hard to achieve success and followed their dreams. These same people want to create a home environment that represents their life and style. Choosing the finest furnishings designed by leading architects and interior designers has an effect of elevating the home’s environment, create a peaceful mindset, and achieving satisfaction in daily life. That is why you’ll often notice  the mindset of “let’s do it my way” when it comes to home design. And at Old Silverado Trail, Eugene agrees: let’s do it my way and create custom made furniture that will elevate your home design and represent your lifestyle.

Eugene Justus of The Old Silverado Trail, in Napa, California, focuses on making custom made hardwood tables and other furnishings. These live edge coffee tables, dining tables, and more are hand-crafted in Napa Valley from California Claro walnut and other beautiful hardwoods.

Each live edge coffee table becomes a focal point in a room. Guests will appreciate the custom work and the piece of wood which tells a unique story. Owning a live edge walnut coffee table creates a high-end design that is constantly sought after by interior designers. After all, what better way to elevate a space than with a locally-made one-of-a-kind live edge walnut coffee table?

The Old Silverado Trail Can Create Your Dream Custom Furnishing

The timeless beauty of wood has an incredible effect on the home. It’s warmth can match modern, traditional, and eclectic styles. As the design process begins, Eugene helps the client choose the type of wood. For live edge coffee tables the options are vast. Many choose a live edge walnut coffee table but cherry wood, bubinga, and koa are just a few other options. Once the preferred wood is chosen, the live edge coffee table starts to come to life. Together, the client and Eugene work toward a vision and eventually bring the live edge walnut coffee table or other furnishing to its final steps of completion.

Browse The Old Silverado portfolio for examples of live edge walnut coffee tables, dining tables, and more. Check out how to start a design, and contact Eugene for more information.

Eugene wants to make your design dreams come true. For a live edge coffee table and other pieces, call Eugene at (707) 253-8788, to discuss how he can “do it your way” and build you a one-of-a-kind custom made furnishing. 

Banking on the Beauty of Live Edge Furnishings

Banking on the Beauty of Live Edge Furnishings

bank-counter-live-edge-tableIn an attempt to revitalize the stale work environment of a corporate office, an increasing number of corporations are adding live edge furniture to their space. A recent example is a Northern California bank that wanted to enrich its business environment. The addition of a live edge table incorporated the beauty of nature to the office and created a warm, inviting, and comfortable setting for the staff and customers. This small change dramatically increased the stature and growth within the community. Incorporating a live edge coffee table, a live edge table, or other custom piece can transform a space and enrich its environment.

High-End Custom Live Edge Table for Your Space

Eugene Justus, of The Old Silverado Trail in Napa Valley, hand crafts live edge coffee tables, desks, and other furnishings from California claro walnut and other beautiful hardwoods. He designs these stunning pieces for those who appreciate custom-made quality furnishings. View his portfolio to see examples of a live edge coffee table, live edge table, and more.

The bank did not want a white edge on the shelf that is typical of California claro walnut slabs. Therefore, the wood had to be removed by hand chiseling and sanding. These shelves and tables also required a special finish that would be durable enough to withstand the continual use, yet remain as beautiful as the day they were made with little or no maintenance. A live edge coffee table, desk, dining table, etc. requires this type of knowledge to ensure the table has a long and beautiful life.

Eugene uses only the highest quality finishes, including General Arm-R-Seal and Sam Malouf oil based products for indoor furniture. He also may use Epifanes clear varnish for both indoor and outdoor furniture. Epifanes is made in the Netherlands and is famous for its high gloss marine finish. For more than 100 years, Epifanes has been used on wooden ocean-going sailboats in Europe and the U.S. and is the world’s best spar varnish. Eugene mixes his own special finish when required to ensure the wood is protected and flawlessly finished. This and more is the reason a live edge table or live edge coffee table by Eugene is a standout from the rest.

Interested in Starting a Project?

Check out The Old Silverado Trail and view Eugene’s stellar portfolio as well as the process he goes through to bring a live edge table to life. Discuss about your interests in creating a live edge table, desk, or any other furniture. Bring life to your home, workspace, or even winery. From live edge countertops to live edge coffee tables, Eugene has the ability to make a quality custom piece that you can treasure for a lifetime. You can bank on the beauty of his products.

Contact Eugene today and start creating your dream live edge table, live edge coffee table, desk, counter, and more! Fill out the contact form and get started.

You can reach out to Eugene through email, or by calling (707) 253-8788.

Old Silverado Trail Launches New Website

Old Silverado Trail Launches New Website

Matrix Design Studio 3a

Whether reaching for new heights of elegance or adding a distinctive and natural aura to a room, check out Eugene Justus’ natural, custom-made live edge dining tables and wood furnishings at the new Old Silverado Trail Website. Browse the extensive portfolio of stunning works, converting natural wood from rough-cut shapes and textures into finely crafted live edge dining tables and more.

Old Silverado Trail’s new website presents an array of beautifully photographed wood creations and tells how Eugene learned woodworking as a young boy. Later he began crafting live edge dining tables with hand tools to create spectacular, one-of-a-kind creations.

Old Silverado Trail’s elegant live edge dining tables, coffee tables, and other pieces are found in homes and businesses everywhere. Winery tasting rooms and business conference rooms have become destinations for live edge dining tables and other original pieces.

The Portfolio: From Start to Finish

The new Old Silverado Trail website features a few examples of Eugene’s recent work. By clicking on the photos, you may see the transformation of raw wood into stunning, highly functional live edge dining tables and other furniture.

Much as a famous sculptor emancipates a beautiful sculpture from a solid block of marble, Eugene releases a stunning live edge table from centuries-old natural wood.

Check Out the Live Edge Dining Table

For luxury and natural style, a live edge dining table from Old Silverado Trail creates a spectacular focal point for any dining area. The highlighted grain and contours of walnut or rare African Bubinga blends beautifully in a forested or mountainous outdoor setting. Alternatively, for city dwellers, a live edge dining table recalls memorable vacations spent in the Great Outdoors.

Not only for custom-built live edge dining tables, but coffee tables, end tables, desktops, and countertops will also boast the raw, natural edges and deep, vibrant tones that exude that genuinely natural feeling.

Many Varieties of Beautiful Wood to Choose

Eugene Justus of Old Silverado Trail sculpts and finishes beautiful live edge dining tables, coffee tables, chairs, and other pieces of furniture from a variety of wood sources. With an experienced eye for the potential of each piece, Eugene works with California claro walnut, rare Bubinga and other beautiful hardwoods that reflect Nature’s exciting natural grains and shapes.

Imagining Your Raw Edge Dining Table

To proceed with your personal, one-of-a-kind, handcrafted live edge table, contact Old Silverado Trail. The first step toward realizing the dream of a live edge dining table, coffee table, or commercial table, will be to meet to discuss your vision, current décor, size, and other preferences. From this information, Eugene Justus will suggest ideas including the wood varieties, natural shapes, and finish options.

Collaboration is the key. Eugene encourages you to accompany him to select the ideal wood slab for your live edge dining table or other furniture. You will be invited to visit the studio to monitor the progress and watch the end product unfold.

Start the journey to a beautiful live edge table by phoning (707)-253-8788. Or, fill out the contact form.

The Hub-Bub Over Bubinga: What You Should Know

The Hub-Bub Over Bubinga: What You Should Know

Bubinga wood

Eugene with a beautiful slab of Bubinga

To those who love the natural beauty of wood, Bubinga is a gorgeous African hardwood with a lustrous appearance that makes it ideal for applications from small accessories to major furniture, especially live edge coffee tables and live edge dining tables. What you might not know is that in 2017, Bubinga was placed on the endangered species list. This means new purchases of this popular wood are now banned.

Everything Bubinga

In use since the 1700s, Bubinga hails primarily from the Western African countries of Congo, Angola, and Gabon. It has a rich and distinctive color with a host of stunning figuring, including curly, quilted, and perhaps most famously, waterfall. In addition to one-of-a-kind pieces of furniture, this truly unique wood is commonly used for:

  • Cabinetwork, solid countertops, and flooring
  • Decorative veneers
  • Fancy turnery and inlay work
  • Joinery
  • Paneling

Bubinga is highly valued for its strength to weight ratio and beautiful figuring. The trees grow up to 150 feet in height and are three to six

feet in diameter. Resistant to splitting, Bubinga is also an incredibly strong wood and is much denser than white oak, hard maple, or other common domestic species.

Nicknamed “African Rosewood,” woodworkers often choose Bubinga for cost-effective reasons; however, due to the recent ban, it’s also becoming increasingly rare and expensive. Overall, Bubinga is not a difficult wood to work, though several species may have silica present that dulls cutting edges. Gluing may be problematic at times due to the wood’s natural oils.

Figured Bubinga, especially the waterfall figure, is exceptionally beautiful. The random swirls and shadings are dramatic and make for gorgeous tabletops.

New Inventory of Bubinga Slabs Now Available for Purchase

Unlike the narrow and shorter Honduras rosewood, Bubinga has wide widths and long lengths. Its deep, brick red color gives it an undeniable visual and physical presence. It possesses uniform graining and coloring, a fine and even texture, and is resistant to termite and marine borer attack.

We now have access to one of the largest supplies of Bubinga slabs in the U.S. Recently imported from Europe, the slabs are all 3 to 4 inches thick and range from 3 feet wide and 12 feet long. The wood comes with all the approvals needed to meet the restrictive and required documentation.

If you’re hoping to create or own a furniture masterpiece out of this incredible wood, we encourage you to act as soon as possible before supplies become even more scarce and expensive, or no longer available. Please feel free to contact Eugene Justus at (707) 253-8788 to discuss this wonderful opportunity or fill out the contact form, view our portfolio and read our testimonials and press clippings.