bank-counter-live-edge-tableIn an attempt to revitalize the stale work environment of a corporate office, an increasing number of corporations are adding live edge furniture to their space. A recent example is a Northern California bank that wanted to enrich its business environment. The addition of a live edge table incorporated the beauty of nature to the office and created a warm, inviting, and comfortable setting for the staff and customers. This small change dramatically increased the stature and growth within the community. Incorporating a live edge coffee table, a live edge table, or other custom piece can transform a space and enrich its environment.

High-End Custom Live Edge Table for Your Space

Eugene Justus, of The Old Silverado Trail in Napa Valley, hand crafts live edge coffee tables, desks, and other furnishings from California claro walnut and other beautiful hardwoods. He designs these stunning pieces for those who appreciate custom-made quality furnishings. View his portfolio to see examples of a live edge coffee table, live edge table, and more.

The bank did not want a white edge on the shelf that is typical of California claro walnut slabs. Therefore, the wood had to be removed by hand chiseling and sanding. These shelves and tables also required a special finish that would be durable enough to withstand the continual use, yet remain as beautiful as the day they were made with little or no maintenance. A live edge coffee table, desk, dining table, etc. requires this type of knowledge to ensure the table has a long and beautiful life.

Eugene uses only the highest quality finishes, including General Arm-R-Seal and Sam Malouf oil based products for indoor furniture. He also may use Epifanes clear varnish for both indoor and outdoor furniture. Epifanes is made in the Netherlands and is famous for its high gloss marine finish. For more than 100 years, Epifanes has been used on wooden ocean-going sailboats in Europe and the U.S. and is the world’s best spar varnish. Eugene mixes his own special finish when required to ensure the wood is protected and flawlessly finished. This and more is the reason a live edge table or live edge coffee table by Eugene is a standout from the rest.

Interested in Starting a Project?

Check out The Old Silverado Trail and view Eugene’s stellar portfolio as well as the process he goes through to bring a live edge table to life. Discuss about your interests in creating a live edge table, desk, or any other furniture. Bring life to your home, workspace, or even winery. From live edge countertops to live edge coffee tables, Eugene has the ability to make a quality custom piece that you can treasure for a lifetime. You can bank on the beauty of his products.

Contact Eugene today and start creating your dream live edge table, live edge coffee table, desk, counter, and more! Fill out the contact form and get started.

You can reach out to Eugene through email, or by calling (707) 253-8788.