About The Old Silverado Trail

That was the beginning of Eugene’s life-long love of woodworking which was influenced by the beauty, simplicity and craftsmanship of the Shakers, who were part of his mother’s heritage.

A-Boy-And-His-DogEugene Justus was born and raised on a dairy farm in Michigan, where his family lived for four generations.  It was a wonderful life that taught him the importance of self reliance, hard work and the love of nature.  Woodworking was an integral part of the skills needed to succeed on the farm.  When his father needed to build a new barn, or remodel the family home, they cut large oak or maple trees from their woods, took the logs to the lumber mill to cut the boards and beams necessary to complete the projects.  Eugene was taught the woodworking skills necessary to make buildings that would last for generations.

His grandfather taught him finer woodworking skills to make custom furniture from cherry or black walnut trees, also harvested from their woods. The tables, kitchen cabinets, four-poster beds and other beautiful furniture were made primarily with hand tools.  The planning of rough lumber, jointing with dovetail joints, cutting, shaping, assembling and finishing the furniture provided his mother and relatives the custom furniture they wanted.

The richness of wood transforms a product from merely functional to beautiful.  Whether the style is traditional, contemporary or a unique design, wood has a timeless beauty and warmth.  Beautiful wood has been used for furniture for thousands of years.  The best example was the exquisite furniture found when King Tut’s tomb was opened in Egypt in 1923.  The 3,300 year-old chairs, beds and other furnishings of the Pharaoh are as beautiful today as when they were sealed in the tomb.  The King Tut treasures have been exhibited in the U.S. several times to the joy and wonderment of millions of Americans.

“During the creative process of making a table, I am often amazed with the incredible beauty of the wood grain as it evolves from a rough slab to a finished product.  I feel it is very important to meet with my clients to insure there is an understanding of what they want and to familiarize them with my philosophy of workmanship.  At this stage in my life, making things of lasting beauty is a joy that lifts my spirits.  I always strive to have my clients respond with the statement, ‘What an amazingly beautiful piece of art.’.”

~ Eugene Justus, The Old Silverado Trail

Want to Learn More About Eugene's Passion?

Please feel free to contact Eugene by clicking below, call him at (707) 227-6286 to discuss an existing project or a new idea. He would be very pleased to meet with you. Now Eugene has moved his woodworking business to Horseshow Bay in the beautiful Hill Country of Texas.